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Most of my blog is readable to my friends only. Any posts that are public are filtered to private sooner or later. If you'd like to be on the "inside", shoot me a comment.

My photography blog is public and follows the long and winding road I am on to follow my dream. Please read it at
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Coming back to Livejournal after YEARS of being off. Well... posting only in private without looking at anybody else's posts, anyway.

I'm making this post public so people I don't follow, but who follow me, can see it. Who's on here, who's active? Make a case for why I should add you to my friends.
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Of interest to the photo nerds on my page

Yes, I've been absent from Lj for a while, but don't fret flist, I've not forgotten you! I've just been insanely, crazily, OMG busy. The kind of busy where the only way my nails have stayed short is from breaking off.

Even though I've been on break, I've been busy organizing a gallery show and benefit that is taking place on April 10th at Voda Studios on Nickerson here in Seattle. It's been a lot of work, and a huge learning experience in production and time management. Any of you that are into photography may want to attend for a few reasons.

1) Free beer and wine. :D

2) Wacom and Bron Imaging are donating a few products for us to silent auction. That means you may be able to get some whack camera gear for cheap!

3) The place is going to be teaming with photo professionals in the city, and it may be a cool place to rub elbows and network.

4) Did I mention free beer and wine?

The official online event page is at Pingg.
The Facebook invite is HERE.

Check it out!
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